Monday, July 31, 2017

Welcome to the Toptal.I wish I want to be the part of them.

Dear Readers,

I am Vijay. I am writing this post about Toptal. I am want to make this blog as a Question & Answer type. To make a clear picture of myself.

1. What makes you do extra work apart from your regular job like freelancing?
Well, I work for a corporate. I love learning. Mostly, I end up in working in the same project again and again. I feel there are very opportunities to learn new things. Knowledge wise I am not growing. I want to apply knowledge or experience on projects other than regular one. This thought in my mind made me google. I found freelancing is the only job where I can expand my horizons in knowledge.

2. How do I find
My close pal who is already doing freelancing suggested this site. I came to know by word of mouth.

3. Why I want to be part of
As a programmer, I want to expand my knowledge. Personally, I feel is best place to excel and showcase my skills and learn a lot of things.

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